The store is closed and without sales activity since 20th March 2021. Please contact us through our contact form or at if you have any questions or worries regarding prior orders in our store. Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience.

Returning merchandise

Merchandise reception

The buyer is obliged to receive or pick up the parcel related to the placed order in the agreed place. If the requested shipment is rejected or not picked up at the agreed place, the seller may terminate the sale, reimbursing the total of the order less the amounts corresponding to handling and shipping costs, return shipping costs if any, and any other amount corresponding to damages or losses caused by the transaction to the seller. In this sense, it is important to remember that in order to exercise the right to withdraw from their purchase, the customer must follow the steps indicated in the corresponding section (see below), according to the Law, and that rejection or non-collection of the order's parcel will not be considered in any case as exercise of withdrawal rights.

If upon receiving the order from a carrier, the customer notices that the packaging is in poor condition, it must be noted when signing the delivery note of the carrier, as well as communicated as soon as possible to Botonalia (, providing pictures of the defects or errors observed when possible. In this way Botonalia can help the customer to solve the errors in the most appropriate way and keeping all the guarantees.

Defective or erroneous products

In the case of defective items, incomplete shipments or any other circumstance clearly attributable to the seller, the incident must be communicated by email to within 48 hours from the receipt of the order. In the shortest possible time, we will contact the buyer to reach a satisfactory solution.

Right of withdrawal of the purchase

If the buyer is not satisfied with the products purchased, whatever the reason, the buyer has a period of 14 days, counted from the time of receipt, to withdraw from the purchase made. The withdrawal may be for the entire purchase or a part of it.

To exercise the right to withdraw from the purchase, the customer must follow the steps of the process indicated here below. If you have any doubts about this, you can always write to us at, or through the contact form of the store. The steps to follow in all cases of withdrawal of the purchase are the following:

1. When withdrawing from their purchase, the customer must send the purchased products back to Botonalia to the address that will be provided. Before sending the unwanted items, the customer must communicate to Botonalia their intention to return them. There is a link for this purpose at the customer account in the website. Warning: rejecting or not collecting the order at arrival will not allow you to exercise your right of withdrawal. Also, prior communication is mandatory. To communicate your intention of returning products:

- From your customer account, click on "Order history and details". Here you get a list of all previous orders. The last order will be at the beginning of the list. Click on this order.

- The order will then load at the end of the page (pleas scroll down if not visible). If the order is still in the period of 14 days after receipt, you will see a list of items with a checkbox in front. In this list you can mark the items that you want to return. Once an item is marked, the amount to be returned can also be modified.

- Once the items to be returned have been chosen, the customer must write an "explanation" in the box just below the list of products. The customer is not obliged to motivate the return, but it is necessary to include some text in that box in order to continue. You can type "Not available" or any other text you want.

- Click on "Create ADM" to create a request of purchase withdrawal. After doing this, the store will receive your request of return..

2. Botonalia will confirm to the customer the acceptance of the withdrawal and will inform them of the postal address to make the delivery of the products. Although the acceptance occurs in all cases, it is important that the client wait to receive this acceptance by email to ensure the conditions and avoid confusion in advance, especially in cases of partial refund and where there are discounted shipping rates or special prices on amount purchased in the original order. If you do not receive any specific note or clarification from the store with the acceptance, the refunds will be calculated following the rules described below for total and partial withdrawals.

3. After the communication to Botonalia, and within 14 days after the acceptance of the return by Botonalia, the customer will proceed to send the products safely to the address provided by the store. Along with the merchandise, the customer must send the corresponding return note. This return note includes a summary of the products to be returned, the return code and the address to which they must be returned. To obtain this note, the client must go to My Account and click on "My product returns". The pdf with the return note will be available for 14 days to be downloaded and printed. If you do not have a printer, include the relevant information in a handwritten note together with the products sent (return code, to be able to identify the shipment once received).

4. The shipping costs derived from the return will be borne by the customer and the product must be returned in perfect condition, in its original packaging and without having been used.

5. Once the returned product is received and its condition verified, the amount agreed to the buyer will be reimbursed. The refund will be made by the same payment method that the customer would have used in the initial transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed. The amount to be reimbursed will depend on the type of withdrawal:

  • Total withdrawal: the customer returns all purchased products. In these cases the customer is reimbursed the total amount paid, including any participation in shipping and handling costs.
  • Partial withdrawal: the customer returns only a part of the purchased products. In this case only the part corresponding to these products will be reinbursed and shipping costs are not reinbursed. Warning: If the order had been granted a discount on shipping costs over the standard rate due to the total amount, a new calculation of shipping costs will be made considering the new total amount resulting and the cost will be charged to the order. In this case, the refund to the customer will be the total amount of the returned products minus the amount corresponding to the original unpaid shipping costs. Example: Original order of 65€, from which 40€ of merchandise are returned. Because the order amount was higher than 60€, it would have been granted free shipping. However, after partial withdrawal, the new total for the order would be 65€ - 40€ = 25€, which would have a shipping expenses charge (in this example 6€). Therefore, the amount refunded would be the 40€ corresponding to the returned products minus 6€ of unpaid shipping expenses, that is 40€ - 6€ = 34€. The customer will know these calculations after communicating their intention to return the products and before proceeding to send them back. For this reason, it is important to follow the process stated above.

6. Refunds will not be accepted for items that have been cut to size or irreversibly segregated from a larger piece (for example: ribbons sold by the meter, fabrics cut for the customer.) Note: in the case of fabric sold as fat quarters, these products are not considered as "cut for the customer" and can be returned without any problem). The customer will be responsible for the decrease in the value of the goods returned due to the handling of the items. The calculation of the loss of value of the products, if any, will be deducted from the refund to the customer.

7. The customer can check the status of their return request at any time from their customer account by clicking on "My product returns".